Business Garden

Business Garden provides rental offices, private P.O. boxes, and telephone answering services in Shinjuku, Tokyo(one in Shinjuku and two in Yotsuya).

All offices are staffed by English-speaking staff who are attentive to your needs.

The reasonable pricing includes all utilities, management fees and Internet usage fees, etc., to reduce running costs when starting (opening) a business. In addition, the office is equipped with all the necessary facilities and fixtures, saving you time and effort and allowing for a smooth start-up.

Business Garden’s rental office offers business support services for SOHO, e-business, and other private businesses, as well as for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own businesses. This service can help you cut costs by reducing your initial start-up costs and personnel expenses.

Main Service

Reception staff are stationed at the rental office to provide personalized and attentive services to each client, such as answering phone calls, receiving mail and parcel delivery, guiding clients to meeting rooms, and cleaning common areas.

Meeting rooms are available for rent at each location. These rooms can be used for various purposes such as meetings with business partners, zoom conferences, seminars, etc.